Friday, May 20, 2011


Fossette; A dimple in the cheek.

This makes me smile and imagine what my store will be like when that day comes...

It all started by this truck I found...I want to have this truck to deliver my flowers in! How cute would that be?!

My horoscope said that if I was thinking of a career change now is the time to take a step in that direction. It's not that I'm quitting making jewelry...I've just always wanted my own shop and the nature girl in me has always wanted to do floral arranging, have a greenhouse, and get dirty! My original name since High School for this shop was DIRT...Diana DeRosa and I had this whole idea of what it would be like and that "idea" has never left me. I went from DIRT to DUST because years ago some show came out called DIRT and ruined it for me.

I got asked to do my first wedding this September for one of my best friends so I'm getting very inspired lately! Very much looking forward to it.


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