Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Agrypnia; The inability to get to sleep.

My Awesome Words application never disappoints me. This word was the first word that came up today when I checked it...pretty much right on target for myself lately. Proposal after proposal after proposal. A jewelry order that has taken me two weeks to even start which is completely ridiculous and not my nature to avoid for so long. I think I'm honestly burnt out on the jewelry still and my focus has been the plants and flowers.                            

                                              This is how I've been feeling lately......

Eight more days and I will be reunited with family and friends in Massachusetts. Very much looking forward to frolicking in the forests finding wildflowers, visiting family farmhouses, finding new antiques to drag back to LA, eating food that isn't good for me, drinking bad coffee, fresh humid air, and the non-stop annoying sounds from the bull frogs in our pond. I miss it all!!

There is something about these Mobey Dick's that I am so amused by...the green hairy things that look like balls...

                              Inspiration for my new shoot that I'm super excited about.

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