Friday, January 6, 2012

Ophelia Rue

Happy to see 2011 gone, gone, gone...terrible year for myself and most everyone I know. 2012 has already started off to be a very magikal start and shall continue the cards say. I'm working on a special design project that is going to be amazing....Cheers to that! I've been obsessed with Ophelia since I was a wee little one. Most of it has to do with being raised in a forest with lots of swamps, rocks, moss and alot of beautiful lush greens and browns. Very romantic and very tragic. My first beta all white fish was called Ophelia. Every morning I would wake up and say in a soft voice, Ooopheliaaa. She would swim to me everytime. When she passed I cried and everyone laughed at me..."she's just a fish." Not to me. If ever I have a daughter she will be Ophelia...perhaps I'm too superstitious but maybe I SHOULDN'T??? Rue; a herb but also a symbol of regret...Ophelia was said to have been carrying it when she drowned.
My painting in my home
Vogue Girl Korea 2007
Some Dust in L'Autre

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