Saturday, September 29, 2012

What fresh hellebore

There is no question about it...I have an obsession with hellebore every single season! There is something about it that captures me...a short lived love affair. The way the flower carries herself, shy...she hides her insides from us until you gently pick her up to observe the intense beauty within her. And the colors..I'm just mad for them! I decided to freeze a few to share my obsession and beauty with my friends.
I was having a recent conversation with some other florists and we were speaking about the victorian days and what the brides did instead of carrying a bouquet. They wore large corsages that draped down from the shoulders instead. This freed up their hands and honestly looked gorgeous. Some still carried a bouquet but if they did they still had some type of corsage. I decided to do a modern take on that old tradition. I would wear this out every night if I could, meaning with my early morning wake up calls to shop for my daily pickings keeps me in more often than I would like. No regrets here though because as soon as I get to the markets I'm instantly in a flower buzz!Would you rock this? 

This is an original victorian photograph with a bride wearing a corsage.

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