Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Frenchie...leader of the pact

A moment so far away from flowers or jewelry...

I new when I started this blog that I wouldn't be the everyday blogger making a statement by my eyes and here I am in March of 2013 writing my first blog of the year! So many different events to catch up on, yet so in the past that I don't even want to comment or post about. Instead I feel like expressing whats happening at this very moment. I booked a wedding in Boston that I'm thrilled about and have been  inspired and dreaming about floral chandeliers. I have had several boy crushes that have worked out to be nothing but a dream. I have been dreaming of having an old car again. I have been dreaming about that big move into my new amazing home. Dreaming about love...and I have been dreaming about my grandfather that is ill and slowly passing....although he is not in pain, I feel a bit torchered by this whole process...a slow death so to speak that everyone knows is on it's way. So morbid I know, but so the truth which I cannot deny. It breaks my heart and I miss him everyday.

I love old music, it sparks something in me, and changes my character for a few minutes behind the curtains. I have the oldies station on and it makes me smile and dance as though I belonged to that generation. It's in my veins and I feel I owe this to all my grandparents. They have been my core, my teachers, my influence in life. Perley, the green thumb genious, whom exhausted me as a child and made me wish I paid more attention as an adult. I'm lucky to still have my grand-mothers that I adore and still influence who I am.  Leader of the pact  comes on and I start thinking a different meaning because of my grand-fathers illness. I think of my brothers and how my grand-father has been their world, their leader since they were infants. We were fortunate enough to live on connected property so the everyday business of wondering where are the boys was not really a question of "where are the boys?" because we always new they were in the garage with the frenchie, our grand-father and their father, JR. As young adults now, they know family is core and carry that family traditional which makes this sister proud.  They are gentlemen, they are wise asses, they "know it all", they shovel and plow and rake our family plot which is a big deal back east, they are kind, generous, and have their grand-father in their lil souls.  I guess the point to this entire post is that I am surrounded by all this love and reminded about how love should be....so sincere, so extreme, so real, and so long...forever committed, forever loved. I see this in my grand-parents and hope that I am able to someday have my own love story that is real...old school and forever...love you Gerard. 
Saturday, September 29, 2012

What fresh hellebore

There is no question about it...I have an obsession with hellebore every single season! There is something about it that captures me...a short lived love affair. The way the flower carries herself, shy...she hides her insides from us until you gently pick her up to observe the intense beauty within her. And the colors..I'm just mad for them! I decided to freeze a few to share my obsession and beauty with my friends.
I was having a recent conversation with some other florists and we were speaking about the victorian days and what the brides did instead of carrying a bouquet. They wore large corsages that draped down from the shoulders instead. This freed up their hands and honestly looked gorgeous. Some still carried a bouquet but if they did they still had some type of corsage. I decided to do a modern take on that old tradition. I would wear this out every night if I could, meaning with my early morning wake up calls to shop for my daily pickings keeps me in more often than I would like. No regrets here though because as soon as I get to the markets I'm instantly in a flower buzz!Would you rock this? 

This is an original victorian photograph with a bride wearing a corsage.

A little more inspiration...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Agrypnia; The inability to get to sleep.

My Awesome Words application never disappoints me. This word was the first word that came up today when I checked it...pretty much right on target for myself lately. Proposal after proposal after proposal. A jewelry order that has taken me two weeks to even start which is completely ridiculous and not my nature to avoid for so long. I think I'm honestly burnt out on the jewelry still and my focus has been the plants and flowers.                            

                                              This is how I've been feeling lately......

Eight more days and I will be reunited with family and friends in Massachusetts. Very much looking forward to frolicking in the forests finding wildflowers, visiting family farmhouses, finding new antiques to drag back to LA, eating food that isn't good for me, drinking bad coffee, fresh humid air, and the non-stop annoying sounds from the bull frogs in our pond. I miss it all!!

There is something about these Mobey Dick's that I am so amused by...the green hairy things that look like balls...

                              Inspiration for my new shoot that I'm super excited about.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Plants & Rags

In love with this series...


"She wanted to exist only as a conscious flower, prolonging and preserving herself"-F.Scott Fitzgerald


I've been spending a lot of time at the greenhouses and gardens at the Arboretum. I've been obsessed with greenhouses since a child. We would go visit relatives that owned greenhouses near my grand-parents house and I was instantly in a trance when i stood in front of the closed doors. The moment I opened the doors I would look around nervously to make sure I was in their alone because I would be embarrassed by my own wild behavior once I was inside! A fun escape for a child that has certainly continued into adulthood. In the very near future my office will be a greenhouse...

On my lunch breaks I spend it under this tree...Chinese fringe tree from Taiwan. The fragrance is intoxicating.

Refinery 29

Refinery 29 voted Luna Moss  as one of LA's top florist last week. I feel extremely grateful and am honored to be included in a group of great artists! There are times when you work really hard into a delirium from long hours that you start to feel under appreciated. There is so much work behind the scenes as a florist that other's just don't know about. So I thank Refinery 29 for good timing!! Here's the article...

Refinery 29
Monday, June 18, 2012

Sea Change

I need the sea for it teaches me...Pablo Neruda

It's been months since I've made a post. I've been so busy with weddings, events, jewelry orders and to add to my non-stop schedule I'm volunteering at an orchid and carnivorous greenhouse. It's all very rewarding but I'm burnt out.

sold to Scarlett Johansson

I miss home especially in the spring when wild orchids start popping through our woods and cute bluebirds are chilling on my uncles gargoyle...this happens in our backyard...
Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Le Jardin de Luna Moss

Zizz; to sparkle
Tim Walker for Love magazine...my hero and forever inspiration.
I've posted some pictures in the past done by photographer Kirsty Mitchell but today I'm just obsessed! Every single photograph invokes this nostalgia.

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